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For several years our company has been helping corporate and small business owners to find solutions for various  complicated business demands. We continue to support small business owners and corporate enterprises in their strive to success in either manufacturing, commerce, information technology, or real estate fields by applying our expertise and knowledge in creating state-of-the-art solutions and products. We understand, how it is important to be prepared for ever changing world and have a reliable partner, who is present here and now, and is not afraid of taking up the challenge.

About Unison Partners Sp. z o. o.

Our company is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that helps businesses to navigate in real estate, commerce, manufacturing, and information technology clusters to reach their objectives in various directions through either providing a reliable advice or by implementing a desired solution. Being in the capital of the Republic of Poland allows us to stay in the center of everything happening in the European Union.  Our team is working on projects for various European companies, helping them to achieve their goals through smart business and technological solutions. 

Management & IT consulting

Our seasoned experts are ready to pick up the challenge in analyzing and solving your business problems. We can provide you with a decent advice on strategy, marketing, advertising, or project management. Alternatively, our company can help you reach your goals in digitalization of your business through design and implementation of advanced IT systems. Otherwise, you may receive a comprehensive report from us on how to proceed in achieving your goals.

Data analysis & research

In case you need more in-depth analysis of a situation in commerce, industrial, IT, or real estate cluster in the Republic of Poland or in other EU countries, our team is here to provide you with the answers you seek. Our company is capable of conducting research in an area of your choice by reviewing available information from various sources, gathering statistical data from the market, and doing comprehensive analysis to select solid data and insights to support your decision making process.

Real estate & investments

 As a real estate investor itself, our company understands real estate market in Republic of Poland very well. Our company more than capable in providing you with analysis on current real estate market trends or we can discuss how else we can help you to find, procure, and manage your favored real estate investment portfolio. In addition, we may lease our you our owned premises and manufacturing tools to support your business expansion.

Management & IT consulting

Business advice and Software Development

The list of typical services provided in this area of expertise includes:

  • General management and strategy consultations
  • Project management
  • Marketing research and planning
  • Strategic marketing planning and research
  • HR consulting and planning
  • Business operations consulting
  • Consulting on logistics planning and implementation
  • Digital marketing strategy planning and implementation
  • Agile web development
  • Full-cycle software development
  • IT consulting
  • Design of IT systems
  • Social Media Marketing strategy preparation and implementation
  • DevOps planning and optimization
  • Administration of IT systems on demand

Data Analysis & Research

Market exploration, industry review, statistical analysis

The list of typical services provided in this area of expertise includes:

  • Economic analysis of specified markets, projects, or products
  • Data collection and analysis on specified market, product, or project
  • Statistical analysis of gathered data and report on findings
  • Issuing opinions and reports on specified topics related to certain markets, industries, or trends

Real estate & investments

Real estate market analysis, portfolio management, or leasing out the property and tools

The list of typical services provided in this area of expertise includes:

  • Real estate markets analysis and reviews
  • Real estate trends analysis and rendering opinions
  • Real estate markets monitoring and comprehensive reports
  • Investments in new developments and commercial property
  • Real estate portfolio management
  • Facility management services
  • Leasing services of commercial premises
  • Leasing services of manufacturing tools

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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

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